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SPIA Make A Comeback With "Deeeep"

SPIA (수피아) - Deeeep 


SPIA make a comeback just two months after their debut with a completely different image, sound and concept. While "Daddy's Little Girl" was dark, catchy and powerful, "Deeeep" is bright, breezy and mellow in comparison, seeing the girls frocking in a beach and the woods with not a care in the world. The song features an addictive chorus and a groovy rhythm, with the usual sing-talk-rap in the middle and it sings about the complex emotions of having a one-sided love. The instrumental is unobtrusive and minimalistic, focusing on creating an atmosphere instead of delivering melodic lines, and while the vocals are warm and ethereal the repetitive "dedede" in the chorus ruin the mood. The song also feels incomplete due to its extreme short duration, as it clocks around the two minute and a half mark.  Right when you expect it to soar and get hit you, it simply ends. Personally I feel "Deeeep" is the weaker of their two tracks and the group is going in the wrong direction since they seem to have lost the identity they established with their debut.

SPIA (수피아) - Deeeep

Release Info & Mini Bio

SPIA (수피아), the group formerly known as Campus Girls, is a rookie five-member girl-group under Campus Entertainment. The group made its debut just two months ago, on April 2, 2024, with the digital single "Daddy's Little Girl". Today on June 5, 2024 SPIA makes a comeback with their second digital single "Deeeep" as a direct follow-up to their debut single. 

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