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Nicole (KARA) Comes Back With "5!6!7!8!"

Nicole (니콜) - 5!6!7!8! 


"5!6!7!8!" is fun and addictive retro-80s, disco track with an upbeat tempo and sultry vocals. It features a groovy beat and insistent percussions throughout the whole duration of the track, without changing tempo even for the long choruses. Thankfully there aren't any intrusive rap-sections to ruin the dance-night-out mood, which has been Nicole's signature sound since her Kara days. Lyrically the song is about a girl enjoying a night out in the city, dancing and having fun like she used to when she was younger. It is song about empowerment and turning nostalgia into enjoyment. The choreography has some interesting points at the beginning but loses relevance as the track progresses, repeating moves that we've seen thousands of times before. Although, to her defiance, that is what disco is all about. Overall, "5!6!7!8!" is very impressive comeback from an artist that has managed to maintain a high level of quality for over 10 years! 

Nicole (니콜) - 5!6!7!8!

Release Info & Mini Bio 

Nicole (니콜) is a South Korean-American soloist currently under JWK Entertainment and Dreamusic and a member of the girl-group KARA. Nicole made her debut as a member of KARA on March 29, 2007 with the group's first studio album "The First Bloooooming" and she debuted as a solo artist on November 19, 2014 with the mini album "First Romance". Today on June 6, 2024 Nicole made a comeback with her third digital single "5!6!7!8!" as a follow-up to her fifth Japanese single "Gravity" (released on December 13, 2023) and her second Korean digital "Mysterious" (released on March 9, 2023).  

Track List 

  1. "5!6!7!8!"
  2. "5!6!7!8! (Inst.)" 

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