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Kep1er Wish Upon A Shooting Star

Kep1er return with new full album Kep1going On and title song Shooting Star.

The girls of the hour are back woo! I am so glad this group might be the first survival show one that lives past its expiration date but we will see if that’s actually going to be true but I am hoping for the best for these girls! I have loved the concept photos for this comeback the girls looked stunning and so summery. I think it was also time for the girls to give us their very first full album after the Japanese one. Well, let me not ramble on and let’s get into the review of Shooting Star.

Shooting Star is so good right from the bat. This is honestly a summer bop immediately. I love how melodic and catchy the song is, we get some synth some nice groovy beats and the pre-chorus is so interesting with the voice altering and launches into an absolutely catchy chorus, The vocals are a bit airy but get carried well by the tune. Honestly, Shooting Star is a lot of fun, even the rap parts during the second part fit right in. Shooting Star is a fun song and I think the perfect last song for this group in this constellation (I think that’s what’s happening at least). Overall, Kep1ler really provided us with such a fun and light summer song. June is off to a great start!

The rest of the full album is just as good I’d say. I really like Last Carnival, Curious, and Flowers, Flutter, Your Heart on the first listen through. As well as, Dear Diary closing off the new songs well. I loved Straight Line and I love that we got a Korean version for it too. Kep1er you have grown on my so much and I hope you stay around for a while longer and people stop sleeping on them!

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