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Jung Kook to Release "Never Let Go" for BTS's FESTA 2024 Celebrations

BTS' FESTA 2024 have already began. The schedule was released on 32st March and there was dates that were not revealed. BTS's Jung Kook will release a ingle titled "Never Let Go' which will be part f the FESTA celebrations. The song will drop on 7th June which is part of the schedule of events to celebrate BTS' 11th anniversary since debut. Jung Kook who is serving in the military along with his 6 other members has released songs for FESTA before. He the self-produced song "Still With You" for the 2020 FESTA and "My You" for the 2022 FESTA. The two tracks were previously released for free on soundcloud and YouTube respectively and were then officially released on streaming platforms ahead of Jung Kook's released of his first solo album "GOLDEN" in November 2023.

The statement read, 



We are excited to announce the release of BTS member Jung Kook’s fan song “Never Let Go.”

“Never Let Go” is a heartfelt tribute to Jung Kook’s fans encapsulating the message “to never let go of each other’s hands,” as a token of gratitude for the boundless love from ARMY all over the world. We appreciate your anticipation and excitement for the new track.

Thank you for your continued love and support for BTS.

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