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Candy Shop Make A Summery Comeback With "Don't Cry"

Candy Shop (캔디샵) - Don't Cry 


Candy Shop, the rookie girl group from Brave Entertainment, is back just three months after their debut with the single "Don't Cry". "Don't Cry" is a relaxed, leisurely summer anthem produced my hitmaker producer Brave Brothers, known for crafting many girl-group hits with a penchant for summer songs.

Lyrically, the song aims to deliver a message of comfort and courage to those going through difficult times, with lyrics about overcoming hardships together and the music video tackles social issues like school bullying and loneliness, following a female student's painful experiences. However, the overall tone shifts after a while as the members are seen having fun in a beach in summer attires. Scenes alternate between the girls hanging out having fun and more emotional scenes involving CGI-made fantastic creatures.

Musically, "Don't Cry" features a subdued production. The usual Brave Brothers melodies are still there, but are mixed way too back in the production and they don't hit as hard as they should, making the whole song feel toned down on purpose. The purpose was obviously for the song to get a nonchalant vibe but the track is way to uplifting, especially after the first half, for that kind of production. The catchy chorus with the overlaid harmonies make the song a completely different animal from what the first part of the song promised. In other words, the song suffers from a dual identity. You can't have an uplifting semi-dance track with lyrics "just don't cry". The underlying heartwarming message is getting lost in the mood, which in turn doesn't fit the lyrics. Overall, Candy Shop's sophomore effort shows some growth and captures a playful, youthful vibe, even if its social message gets lost in the fun. 

Candy Shop (캔디샵) - Don't Cry

Release Info & Mini Bio 

Candy Shop is a five-member girl rookie group under Brave Entertainment that made its debut on March 27, 2024 with the mini album "Hashtag#". On June 6, 2024 the group made a comeback with their second mini album "Girls Don't Cry". The album features two title tracks:  "Don't Cry" and "Tumbler (Hot & Cold)" and contains fours tracks overall. The physical release on a CD will come out in two versions: Summer and Vacation version. This mini album is the direct follow-up to the group's debut mini album.

Candy Shop originally debuted as a four member group with members Soram (소람), Yuina (유이나), Sui (수이) and Sarang (사랑). However, Brave Entertainment announced on May 8, 2024 that member Yuina would have to temporarily suspend her group activities due to health issues, and that a new member would be added to the group. On May 14, 2024 Julia was announced as that new member.

Track List 

  1. "Don't Cry"
  2. "Tumbler (Hot & Cold)"
  3. "Welcome To My World"
  4. "Good Girl (Remix)" 

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